audiovis: a general audio visual stimulus presentation script using expyriment

Github repository: plays audio or visual stimuli (images or text) according to a pre-specified timing schedule.

The stimuli are listed in text files having one row per stimulus and 3 (comma separated) columns:

Several csv filenames can be passed as arguments on the command line (they will simply be merged)

audiovis requires the expyriment module


python  sounds/list1.csv  pictures/list1.csv  speech/list1.csv 

Press ‘t’ to start the stimulation (during the stimulation, you can always press Esc to interrupt the script).

Then try:

python  rsvp/list1.csv sounds/list1.csv

To get the full list of options:

python -h

For example, it is possible to display a picture, e.g. containing instructions, using the –splash option. The computer will display this picture and then wait for the participant to press the spacebar to start the experiment.

python --splash instructions.jpg --text-font TITUSCBZ.TTF --background-color 127 127 127 -- rsvp/list1.csv sounds/list1.csv

Christophe Pallier