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Access to lexical databases

OpenLexicon: Easy access to lexical databases

Openlexicon provides tables from various lexical databases and some code to manipulate them either offline or online.

  1. Check out our list of open lexical databases
  2. Use scripts to query or manipulate the databases.
  3. Browse and query most databases online at


If you want to contribute, by adding a database, scripts, or sending some corrections, please contact and, or, much better, fork openlexicon and issue a pull request.


The files in this repository are distributed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 LICENSE (see unless overridden by a local LICENSE.txt file


Most databases have associated publications listed in their respective README files. They must be cited in any derivative work! The same goes for some of the scripts (read their documentation for instructions).

If needed, you can cite this repository as:

For maintainers:

Data tables:

The source tables from most databases can be downloaded from (They take up too much disk space (>100MB) to be included in Openlexicon’s github repository).

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