Programming for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (code and lectures notes for the Cogmaster's PCBS course)

This project is maintained by chrplr

Programming for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (PCBS)


Students in Cognitive-(Neuro)-science need to learn programming:

  1. to understand how computers work, because of the importance of the Computational Theory of Mind in Cognitive Science.
  2. to automate the boring stuff (e.g. repetitive work on files, web scrapping,)
  3. to do reproducible science: simulating models, designing experiments, running them, analysing data, …

The purpose of the PCBS course is to make students able to write clean code in order to solve the tasks that are typically encountered in cognitive or neurosciences (data manipulation and analysis, creation of stimuli, programming of real-time experiments, simulations…).

Main documentation: pdf or on-line html

Web site: http://github.com/chrplr/PCBS

Slack discussion forum: http://cogmaster-pcbs.slack.com (Join here). Use the #general channel to ask questions. Do not hesitate!

Christophe Pallier